Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: a great book on learning and self-improving

Sometimes I think the software development is so nervous and stressful, with all the deadlines, loud co-workers and amount of information to process. So I ask myself: how all these guys out there handle this? Maybe it's just personal issues? What can we do to improve everyday work? How to acquire all the knowledge and stay sane?

This is why I really liked the new book from Pragmatic Programmer — "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning". Not only it gave me answers for those questions but uncovered such interesting topics as the human brain, the conscious and Dreyfus models of learning. Bravo, Andy Hunt!

It's still in Beta but looks pretty release-ready. My highest recommendation, especially for programmers, although it can be useful for anyone who wants to learn.

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